Epic Flail – Open Alpha

epic flail

Epic Flail is a pixellated 2d Gladiator Brawler inspired by Japanese cartoon fights, that’s full of frenetic action, blood and decapitations.

Your fighter remarkably agile but rather fragile, he can pick up shields and armour to protect him from blows, but once the armour is gone it’s a one hit kill scenario.  Luckily, your fighters agility means you can dash around the screen, avoiding your foes and choosing your moment to strike.  Kill enough in a row, and you’ll trigger an ‘Epic Flail’ – which causes it to rain blood and gives you a mighty mace for a limited time – decimating the enemy with it’s unblockable it’s attacks.

The game is still in Alpha and the devs plan to add plenty more features, but the gameplay is already remarkably fun, with unlockable items, 3 different Arena modes to unlock, 2 player co-op and is compatible with Xbox360 and PS3 USB controllers.  It’s perfect for short bouts of arena-based pixellated brutality.

UPDATE: Epic Flails Alpha is no longer available