Epic Random – Beta Download

epic random

Epic Random is a cool Doom-style retro FPS, set in an infinite random corridor, in which you collect random power-ups and blast randomly generated enemies.

Featuring fast, fun and challenging retro FPS action, you travel down the infinite corridor killing enemies, fighting enemies and filling up your ‘random bar’.  Starting off in a stark, black and white corridor, it soon morphs into a randomly textured, undulating color-fest.  There are a variety of power-ups to collect as you traverse the corridor, all random, and all with their own effects.  Once you’ve blasted enough enemies and filled your random bar, a huge boss will appear behind you, requiring some tactical shooting as you aim for it’s weak spots.

With it’s embracement of all things random, Epic Random is a hoot – a retro roguelike corridor shooter with fun old school combat and challenging first person combat.  Perfect for short blasts of random roguelike FPS action.

Download the Epic Random Beta HERE

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