EpicFox – Game Jam Build


EpicFox is a charming retro mini-metroidvania platformer made for the October 2015 NES Game Jam, where you must collect new abilities to power up your little fox and beat the boss.

You are an adorable little fox. You live in a charming world full of slimes. It is your goal to find four new abilities and defeat the boss. These different abilities are dotted around the area, some high in the sky, others over water, and some even hidden in a cave system. As you roam the land, you will find that you are unable to get too specific areas. This is because you have not found the proper ability to get to that area.

As you gain new abilities like the power to swim in water, you will be able to explore more. Once you have all four abilities, you must find the boss in order to beat him up. It’s quite a relaxing platforming romp exploring around this little world, with plenty of save points to go back on if you die.  Can your little fox beat up the big, bad boss?

Play EpicFox in your browser Here