EREGORE. – Game Jam Build Download

EREGORE. is a surreal, spooky and oddly serene little metroidvania-esque third person exploration game where you attempt to reach the various glowing red orbs in the game world, and each one you reach will help you jump/fly higher.

Created for the PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, in EREGORE. you control a mysterious ghostly figure within a strange industrial environment. All around you are glowing red orbs and each time you reach one it allows you to jump/fly a little higher. This then allows you to access more areas and reach more orbs.

It does take a while to wrap your head around what’s going on and what you’re supposed to do (especially towards the end), but it’s a very interesting experience with an incredible sense of atmosphere and a nice sense of inertia to your ghostly character. It gets a lot more fun as you level up your jumping ability and start propelling yourself high up into the air. The aesthetics are hauntingly beautiful and the strange industrial world is an interesting place to explore.

Download EREGORE. Here (Windows)