erLett – Prototype Download

erLett is a beautiful and tranquil little lo-fi text-based puzzle game where you add and remove letters from worlds to alter the surrounding environment.

In erLett you can explore stunning semi-transparent environments and alter them by altering the words that you find within them. For instance, while standing at a train station you may come across the word “Train” floating in the air – you can remove the “T” to make it start raining and make a nearby train disappear.

The current build of erLett is very much a prototype, so it is very short and there’s no way to complete the second area (the train station), but it is a beautiful and oddly satisfying experience. It’s a clever concept and the artwork is stunning, with pretty much any screenshot you take looking like a work of art. Hopefully this gets expended on as it has a lot of potential.

Download the erLett Prototype Here (Windows)