Erosion – Student Project Game

Erosion is a stylish shoot ‘em up where each shot you take is made up of the little organism that make up your swarm, so you have to sacrifice them for the greater good.

The swarm-based shoot ‘em up gameplay of Erosion takes place in a world inhabited by the Pyus – little shard people who live in swarms. Unfortunately a big evil machine is stealing and corrupting crystals from the Pyus and using them as weapons. The Pyus must now work together and lay down their lives for the good off the many.

In Erosion you control a little swarm of Pyus in what is essentially one large boss fight. You can gather more Pyus by collecting any that appear on the screen and you can condense your form into one large slower moving Pyus to protect you a little from damage and make it easier to avoid enemy attacks. Your only form of attack against the evil machine is firing individual Pyus at it, but the size of your Pyus swarm is essentially your health, so you need to be careful about how many you fire and how much damage you take – if you lose them all then you’ll die.

It’s a tricky little game with a great aesthetic and a novel swarm-based twist on the classic bullet hell shooter. There’s only one boss to defeat, but it will take a bit of skill to beat it without getting killed and it’s a great concept that would be perfect for expanding on in the future. A stylish swarmy shmup’ well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Erosion Here (Windows)