Erra: Exordium – Alpha Demo

Erra: Exordium is a grimy dieselpunk 2D action adventure game inspired by Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, where a scientist cheats death by uploading himself into a robotic body.

In Erra: Exordium you will enter a technologically advanced civilization that’s suffering from a mysterious illness. Worse still, the robots (mechatrons) built to serve you appear to be malfunctioning and turning on mankind. After uploading your consciousness to a metal shell to avoid being killed by the illness, you then set out in search of answers.

The gameplay in Erra: Exordium features a mixture of combat, exploration, platforming and puzzle solving. Combat encounters are tense and tactical, and there are plenty of traps and pitfalls to deal with too so you need to be on your guard at all times.

The combat could be a little more fluid and the writing has some translation issues, but other than that it’s a very promising game. The pixel artwork is fantastic, the lore is fascinating and you really get immersed in its dying dieselpunk world.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Erra: Exordium Alpha Demo Here (Steam)