Ersatz – Alpha Demo

Ersatz game

Ersatz is a beautiful rhythmic action platformer in which you have to feel the beat, and go with the flow of the music as attempt to speed through levels as fast as you can.

As the rhythmic dynamically progressive soundtrack pulses, you must rush forward through each level, dashing, jumping, and destroying anything in your way. Each level has some enemies that you can dash through and obstacles to avoid. Solid, ground areas can be slid under, while fragile-looking, almost see through bits of terrain can be dashed straight though. Sometimes, you need to dash downwards to break platforms below you as well.  As your run through each area, a timer ticks away counting the exact seconds you take, which will then grade you at the end of the run.

You need to be careful with how fast you go, as dashes (the fastest way to get around) are limited. You only have three to use at a time and they do take a bit of time to recharge. If you dash through an enemy it will recharge all of your dashes instantly, however, so it might be a good risk to take. You also only have a set number of lives, so if you bump into enemies or get shot too many times, you will die.

Ersatz is a pretty challenging expreience, as you need to go very fast to get through the levels quick enough to get a good grade. Each of the large, vivid levels have their own bosses, unique terrain, and enemies. Enemies shoot in a pattern directly relating to the pulsing soundtrack in the game, so once you get on the right rhythm, things can click into place as you pretty much dance your way to the finish line. Super groovy rhythm action platforming.

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Download The Ersatz Alpha Demo Here (Win Only)