Escape – Alpha Download

Escape is a freaky first person horror game with Lovecraftian elements, which sees you searching for objects to help you escape from an abandoned hospital that’s home to lots of dead bodies and an ancient dark power.

In Escape you find yourself trapped within the morgue of an abandoned hospital where a big freaky monster stalks the halls. To escape you’ll need to activate the elevator and collect 10 coins that are hidden in randomized places – including inside corpses! You can’t fight back against the monster, so if it catches you then you’re dead, but you do have the ability to see through its eyes for short periods of time, which allows you to keep tabs on it.

It’s still early in development so does have some rough edges (such as an awkward interface for selecting and using objects), but it’s got a very tense atmosphere, there’s a nice mixture of objectives and the monster is very freaky. A freaky first person horror game well worth checking out.

Download The Escape Alpha Here (Windows)