Escape From Aeon – Alpha Demo

Escape From Aeon is a stylish lo-fi sci-fi survival horror roguelike that sees you attempting to escape a titanic mothership that’s been invaded by a deadly alien lifeform and its many minions.

Drawing inspiration from The Thing, Alien and Infra Arcana, the level layout and grid based movement of Escape From Aeon is similar to classic roguelike games (such as the aforementioned Infra Arcana). However, rather than you moving/attacking once then the enemy taking their turn it has an action point system more akin to the X-Com games, with you able to use your action points to move and attack multiple times in one turn.

Aside from the X-Com-esque action point system Escape From Aeon feels very much like a classic old school hardcore roguelike. It features permadeath and procedurally generated levels that you’ll only have a slim chance of beating. There are three playable character classes (plus one unlockable one), upgradeable stats, over 40 different types of enemy to dispatch and lots of loot to upgrade your character with.

It’s a great game which brings a nice bit of visual flair and atmosphere to the classic roguelike genre. At the moment the only issue some may have with the game is the accessibility. It does walk you through a short tutorial at the start of the game, but it can be easy to forget which key does what. Once you get to grips with it then it’s a very impressive game though, with plenty of depth, replayability and a real sense of tension as you stalk the halls of the alien infested mothership. Highly recommended.

Download The Escape From Aeon Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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  1. Hey, thanks for playing! We’ve accomplished a lot in the past few months and (hopefully) will be updating more frequently in the coming months.

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