Escape from DIMANSION – Game Jam Build

Escape from DIMANSION is a creepy and cleverly crafted little point and click adventure where you shift around the rooms of the mansion you’re trapped in by slotting new rooms on the side of a scale model.

You start Escape from DIMANSION locked in a strange room with a talking book, two locked doors, two mysterious blocks and a scale model of a mansion. The talking book seems keen to torment you for your past sins and states that it will never let you go, but you soon discover that by slotting the blocks on either side of the mansion it opens up passages to new rooms.

As you progress you solve puzzles and unlock more blocks/rooms. The puzzle design is logical and very inventive, making some extremely creative use of the ability to swap, turn and interact with the various blocks/rooms.

Taking around 30/45 minutes to play through, Escape from DIMANSION is an excellent little point and click adventure with a very clever premise, some superb puzzle design and a very creepy atmosphere. An intricate puzzle box where you’re trapped inside the box. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Escape from DIMANSION Here (Windows)