Escape Pong! – Game Jam Build

Escape Pong! is a fun little narrative driven arcade adventure about a Pong ball who’s fed up of being bounced around by the paddles.

In Escape Pong! you control a little Pong ball who yearns for more than just being bounced about by a paddle all day. You aim in each level is to make it to the right hand side of the screen as you make your break for freedom, but it may not be easy – a Pong paddle is keen to thwart your escape plan and is keen to point out that your attempts are futile and you are bound to each other.

As you make you make your escape you have to deal with a variety of different challenging levels and the fact that you’re a Pong ball, that’s prone to bouncing, can make navigating them quite tricky.

It’s a fun little game with a clever premise, challenging gameplay and an enjoyable narrative with a charming ending. A quirky little Pong adventure well worth checking out.

Download Escape Pong! Here (Windows and Browser)