Escape Velocity – Alpha Download

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity is a stylish first person platforming runner developed for Ludum Dare 31, with super cool TRON-Like neon visuals and fast paced gameplay.

Your goal is simple – run and jump through the levels in as short a time as possible while the TRON-like neon wireframe courses render in front of you.  The controls of the game are smooth but not tight, so you might want to train a bit in order to get used to it.

How Escape Velocity relates to the ‘single screen’ theme of Ludum Dare 31, we’re not sure, but it offers up a fun and stylish slice of first person parkour.  Welcome to the grid.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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  1. This game, although only 2 levels, was extremely fun just to try to learn the physics within each level and then using them to find the fastest way through it! Simple yet amazing for speed running practice and after watching AGDQ all week I have been wanting to play this type of game style.

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