Esse Proxy – Alpha Demo

Esse Proxy is a slick, stylish and brutal top-down Hotline Miami-esque twin-stick shooter, where you fight gangs, corporations, cultists and corrupt government officials in a dystopian cyberpunk city.

In Esse Proxy you take control of a team of uniquely skilled rebels who are fighting back against the corruption in a dystopian city. Different team members are sent out on missions organised by your leader, Chloe Dewitt.

The missions play out similarly to the Hotline Miami games, with you shooting and slicing your way through levels filled with goons that can kill you with just one hit. It’s a very tough game, but you have a lot of useful abilities that can give you an edge in battle. As well as being able to pick up and use guns, you have a melee attack, a charge attack, a dodge-roll, bullet time and your character’s unique special ability.

The current build of Esse Proxy features a campaign mode with four levels to play through and a hub area where you can get to know the characters. It’s extremely hard and you’ll die a lot, but it’s also a lot of fun and very replayable.

The combat feels fantastic and there are lots of great little touches, such as a little slow-mo when you kill an enemy and the way the smoke trails from the barrel of your gun. The AI of the enemies is particularly impressive (and challenging) as they rarely act the same way twice, making it very hard to anticipate their movements even after repeated playthroughs.

It’s still early in development and the high difficulty level may turn some off, but if you’re up for a challenge then there’s a lot to like about Esse Proxy. The combat is fast, fun and very organic, with you forced to react to enemies, rather than just learning a route. It makes for a very intense experience that always keeps you on your toes. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Esse Proxy Alpha Demo Here (Windows)