Estigma – Alpha Download

Estigma is a bizarre horror arcade game that draws inspiration from Pac-Man and Q*bert as you slide around its grotesque fleshy levels, attempting to color all the tiles while avoiding various deadly hazards.

In each level of Estigma you control a weird little abomination whose goal is to turn all the black spaces on the walkways checkered red or solid red by walking over them. Once a square has turned checkered red then if you walk across it once more it turns solid red and you can’t pass through it any more. This means you have to be careful and plan your routes – which is easier said than done when you get a load of all the grotesque monstrosities that are trying to kill you!

Each level in Estigma has various booby traps, monsters or big bosses that either try to distract you or kill you. This can complicate matters as you try to navigate the levels in such a way that you don’t box yourself in. To make matters worse you also have a timer to beat too, which can send you back to the start of each three/four level stage if it runs out.

Estigma is a punishingly tough game and often feels a little unfair (thanks largely to the imprecise controls), but it delivers a very unique gameplay experience, that’s full of bizarre new surprises and some fantastic pixel art animation. A beautifully animated and rage-inducingly tough fleshy arcade game packed full of bizarre meaty monstrosities!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Estigma Alpha Here (Windows)