Estranged: Act 2 – Beta Download (Steam)

Estranged act 2 game download

Estranged: Act 2 is a well crafted first person adventure packed with inventive puzzles and great twists as you continue the adventure of a fisherman who washed up on a mysterious island after a violent storm.

Estranged: Act 2 continues on from the story in the first chapter which we covered way back in 2013 (still available to download for free via Steam), and sees you exploring more of the strange island you’re stranded on with a hope of finding some means to escape. As you explore you’ll discover more about the Arque Corporation – a shadowy organisation that seem to have been meddling with things best left alone.

As in the first act, Estranged: Act 2 impresses with its polished visuals, intriguing narrative, diverse world design, fun twists and inventive puzzles. These puzzles are often physics based, and fondly reminiscent of the type you’d see in Half Life 2 (which is understandable as it uses the Source SDK engine). There’s also lots of nice little touches and easter eggs to find that really help flesh out the world and draw you into the game.

The current build takes around half an hour to playthrough (although more content is planned) and it offers a well crafted, inventive and intriguing experience throughout. With four years between the first and second acts being released It’s probably going to be a while until we see the third and final installment of this trilogy, but judging by the excellent work the devs have put in on the games so far, the wait will be worth it!

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