Eternal Hope – Alpha Download

Eternal Hope Dowload

Eternal Hope, being created by Double Hit, is an cleverly designed two-dimensional side-scrolling puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from Limbo, as you phase between realities and attempt to traverse a deadly land to find a loved one.

In Eternal Hope you must traverse the land of the dead to find your now dead beloved. In this land you have a special ability that allows you phase into the world of the dead and see ghostly creatures used as platforms and discover special hidden routes through the level. Eternal Hope has a lot of puzzle elements thrown in as well, making you utilise boxes and your special ability to reach out of reach platforms and also use other objects and critters to help you dodge nasty enemies or traps that are set out to kill you for good.

Eternal Hope has a design similar to that of Limbo, but instead of using a selection of whites and blacks, they have implemented a bright and colourful background, while maintaining the darker shading techniques for the main terrain and foreground aspects. The infusion of these two make for some beautiful scenery as you traverse the landscape.

All in all Eternal Hope is a very promising experience that will leave you begging for more, with stylish visuals, clever puzzle design and challenging platforming.  We have high hopes for Eternal Hope in the future!

Download the Eternal Hope Alpha Here (Windows only)