Eternal Magic – Open Beta

Eternal Magic aims to deliver a classic old school MMORPG experience, with PvE, PvP, dynamic battles, pets and a compelling story.

In Eternal Magic players are able to choose between six traditional character classes and embark on an epic adventure in a rich fantasy world. There’s plenty of PvE dungeons to battle your way through and a variety of different PvE modes, including a MOBA mode and Guild Wars, as well as traditional modes like Capture the Flag and Domination.

The six character classes (Knight, Gunslinger, Spellblade, Priest, Mage and Assassin) all have their own unique strengths and abilities. Also, there are five different skill categories (Speciality, Basic Skills, Runic, Card to Play and Passive Skills) that you can choose from to create your own unique fighting style. There’s more to do than just fighting though – you can also collect pets, buy houses, get married and compete in a photo competition.

Eternal Magic doesn’t really revolutionize the MMORPG genre, but it’s not really trying to. It’s a classic style MMORPG adventure with some fun new ideas thrown into the mix. Check out the Beta to join in the fun.

Download The Eternal Magic Open Beta Here