Eternal September – Game Jam Build

Eternal September is an experimental social music creation game in which players actions are recorded and are played on a loop within the game world – so you can asynchronously jam with all the other players who have logged in before you!

The area in Eternal September consists of a large building with a few separate rooms to explore. On the walls are keyboards that you can pick up, each with their own unique sounds and all of which you can play by pressing any of the keys from ‘Q’ to ‘P’ or from ‘\’ to ‘Z’ on your keyboard (and you can access higher notes by holding the Shift key). There are other distractions such as buttons to press and a weird 360 degree viewing orb to step into, but it’s the social element of the game that is the most interesting aspect of the game…

As soon as a player steps into the world then all of their movements, actions and musical melodies are recorded, and when they log out then their recording will play on a loop in the game world forever. Thankfully you need to be near another player’s recording to hear the music they play (otherwise it’d just be a cacophony of noise), but it means that you can walk up and jam with other players recordings, creating songs alongside them and leaving your recording to jam with future players.

Whether you’ll be able to make any chart topping hits is doubtful, but it’s a very clever concept that makes for an interesting social music creation experience. Drop in now for a massive musical asynchronous multiplayer jam!

Download Eternal September Here (Windows & Mac)