Eternal Step – Alpha Demo

eternal step

Eternal Step is a tough top-down roguelike inspired by Dark Souls and the raid mechanics of WoW, with a clever card based loot system and a wonderful 2D hand drawn art style.

Much like Dark Souls, you won’t last long on your first run – you’ll have to put in a bit of ground work, learn attack patterns and unlock a few upgrades before you stand much of a chance.  You’ll have to careful timing and use rolls to dodge attacks to get the best of the rather deadly selection of enemies.

As you progress, you unlock new cards which contain new weapons, equipment and skills which you can equip to aid your current run OR use them on a future run (they’re one use only).  The levels are selected at random, but with a bit of practice you’ll learn the lay of the land, and customise your hero enough to make some serious progress, making your way to the first boss who will then swiftly beat you into submission.

The Alpha Demo features 15 floors (but chooses randomly from 68 layouts so lots of replay value) and the first boss.  It’s a tough challenge, but much like Dark SoulsEternal Step is a challenging game that rewards perseverance.  Eternal Souls.

Check Out the Greenlight Page HERE

UPDATE: Alpha Demo No Longer Available

Download the Eternal Step Alpha Demo HERE (Control Pad Recommended)