Eternal Threads – Beta Demo

Eternal Threads is an inventive narrative-driven first person Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you use time manipulation to fix a corruption in the timestream that caused the death of six people.

In Eternal Threads you take on the role of an operative who has been sent back in time to fix a timeline corruption that saw six people dying in a house fire in the North of England. The fire itself has to happen so you can’t change that, but you can help the six people survive by altering significant decisions they made during the seven days before the fire.

You have been transported back in time to the house at a point a few days after the fire. You can wander around the house and interact with objects and you can use your futuristic gadgetry to view scenes from the past and alter how they play out. You have free access to the entire timeline for the week preceding the incident. You’ll be able to travel up and down it, learn more about the characters and hopefully find ways to save their lives.

Some of the voice acting is a little rough, but other than that Eternal Threads is a fascinating experience that feels like something Quantic Dreams would make. The environmental design is excellent, time-manipulation is intuitive, the characters are interesting and the ways you can affect the timeline are very creative. Well worth checking out for some cerebral time-bending fun.

Download The Beta Demo Here (Steam)