Ethereality – Alpha Download

ethereality game

Ethereality is a unique audio/visual experience in which you explore a stunning, photorealistic island while hinting down spheres which play different audio tracks from an album.

Currently very early in development, so only featuring one level at the moment, Etherreality offers up some truly breathtaking views as you explore the island – with a wow factor that’s reminiscent of the first time you played Dear Esther.  More of an experience than a game, you simply explore the island listening to cool tunes that you discover and enjoy the luscious scenery.

The dev plans to add a lot more content and VR support, but even in these early stages of development, Ethereality is a staggeringly beautiful game.  We can’t wait to explore more of this vibrant audio/visual experience.

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Check Out a Short Gameplay Video HERE

Download the Ethereality Alpha HERE (Windows Only)