Europa – Beta Demo

Europa is a beautiful exploration adventure where an android explores a fallen utopia and discovers the story of the last living human.

In Europa you are an android named Zee, who has travelled to the moon of Europa in search of answers. The moon was terraformed by humanity, but the civilization of mankind has long since fallen and now it’s populated by wildlife and lush vegetation. As you explore you’ll solve puzzles, discover secrets and learn the story of Europa and the last human alive.

The gameplay in Europa is fondly reminiscent of Journey. There’s a mixture of platforming and puzzle solving, but none of it is particularly taxing, allowing you to just enjoy exploring and discovering the marvels of Europa’s world. The visuals are stunning and combined with the audio and narration, it makes for a spellbinding experience from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Check Out A Europa Gameplay Video Here

Download The Europa Beta Demo Here (Steam)