Evan’s Remains – Beta Demo

Evan’s Remains is a beautifully animated and cleverly designed narrative-driven puzzle platforming adventure where you search a mysterious island for a boy genius who’s been missing for years.

In Evan’s Remains you take control of Dysis, a young girl who is sent to a supposedly uninhabited island in search of Evan – a boy genius who as been missing for years, but has recently sent a letter with word that he’s somewhere on the island. After arriving on the island you don’t find Evan, but you do find some cleverly crafted platforming puzzles and a rather rude guy who’s more interested in scribbling in his notebook than talking to you. Together you may be able to unravel the mystery of the island though.

The puzzle mechanics in Evan’s Remains are simple, but very cleverly implemented. You don’t have any special abilities (you can just run and jump) but the puzzle design is remarkably inventive and intuitive. Each puzzle revolves around the concept that certain blocks you jump on disappear after you jump off them, but you can toggle their state by jumping onto special switch blocks. You need to figure out the best layout of the blocks to allow you to the big wall at the right of each puzzle.

The current demo build of Evan’s Remains takes around 20 minutes to play through, and even early on it’s obvious that there’s more to going on than first meets the eye. The pixel art animation and puzzle design are excellent, but it’s the intriguing narrative that will really get you hooked and will leave you pondering just what’s going on long after you complete it. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Evan’s Remains Beta Demo Here (Windows)