EVE Aether Wars – Tech Demo

EVE Aether Wars is an ambitious new space shooter from the makers of EVE Online, which aims to break the world record for the largest fight ever in a video game – with up to 10,000 players facing off in a massive battle.

The current Guinness World Record for “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP video game battle” was achieved in January last year, with 6,142 players doing battle in EVE Online (dubbed The Siege of 9-4). The EVE Online devs are looking to shatter that record with EVE Aether Wars – a standalone game, designed specifically to allow for truly massive multiplayer battles while still retaining smooth real-time performance.

The actual game is a Sci-Fi space shooter set in the EVE universe, in a remote territory called the Abyssal Deadspace (far from New Eden). It’s an area that’s full of gigantic asteroids which you collect a rare metal called Zero-Point Condensate from, or you can blast other ships and steal their ZPC (though with 9,999 other ships to fight off you may not hold onto it for long!)

It’s a very ambitious project that allows you to take part in a battle on an epic scale and be a record-breaker in the process. Before the official record breaking attempt (on the 23rd of Nov at 20:00 UTC) there will be two public stress tests you can take art in too one today at 19:00 UTC and one next Saturday (16th of Nov 19:00 UTC). Check it out to be part of gaming history!

Download The EVE Aether Wars Tech Demo Here (Steam)