Even The Rabbits – Prototype Download

Even The Rabbits is a charming and challenging precision platforming adventure about an extraordinary little rabbit who’s trapped in a big cave.

In Even The Rabbits you control a cute little rabbit called Bun who finds himself trapped in a labyrinthine cave system. There’s a big friendly seeming slime guy that’s trapped in there too so if you help him then he might help you too…

The current prototype of Even The Rabbits takes around 10 minutes to play through and already feels like a polished and well crafted self-contained adventure. Along the way you partner up with an owl that allows you to glide and search for three missing keys for the big slime. Bun can dash, run up walls, cling to walls, wall-jump, double-jump and air-dash – all of which comes in handy when navigating the cave system.

Each new area of Even The Rabbits looks very intimidating at first, with impossible looking jumps and lots of deadly hazards in your way, but thanks to the agility of your little rabbit they’re actually not as tough as they look. It’s still not an easy game by any means, but if you have a reasonable amount of platforming skill then it’ll make you feel like a badass.

Even in its current prototype form Even The Rabbits is a fantastic little bite sized precision platforming adventure. The pixel art animation is excellent, the level design is challenging but fair, the controls are super-responsive and it even has time for a fun little story. This little bunny’s big dark cave adventure is off to a very bright start.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Even The Rabbits Prototype Here (Windows)