Even The Stars – GameJam Build

Even The Stars

Even The Stars is a space exploration game with no objectives, quests or story-lines.  You simply wander through space without a purpose, exploring alien planets, discovering strange landmarks, getting lost, getting old and eventually passing away.

You control the movement of your ship with the mouse and keyboard but other actions require you to type commands, such as ‘warp’ or ‘disembark’.  When you come across an interesting landmark on a planet (from fun-fairs to Monoliths), you can explore or ‘stay’, allowing you to write a short log about your journey and making you grow a little older.  You’ll eventually die of old age and be treated to picture of the universe, with your last route mapped out, accompanied with your logs describing your voyage.

It’s a short, sweet and simple game that encourages exploration for explorations sake.  In Even the Stars there’s no levelling up, high scores or objectives, simply the joy of discovering weird stuff in space, writing about it and building your own story – Space Blogging.

Watch us get lost in space HERE

Download Even The Stars HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)

Play Even The Stars in a Unity supported browser HERE (#eventhestarsgame to share your final space maps!)