Ever End – Beta Demo

Ever End is a super stylish interactive Manga-styled adventure told through cinematic storyboards and reflex testing QTE battles.

In Ever End you follow the story of End and Zero, two sisters with a mysterious power that were captured, separated and experimented on by a shady organisation. End escaped and has now infiltrated the organisation, rescued her sister and is now attempting to escape. Zero is still a little dazed so won’t be much use in combat, so it looks like End will have to deal with any adversaries they meet on the way out.

Ever End tells its story through some very stylish Manga-styled cutscenes and QTE-esque battles with enemies you meet. The combat isn’t exceptionally deep, but it is slightly more skill based and tactical that traditional QTE’s, with you able to heal, counter, dodge and attack. It also seems like you’ll be able to make decisions that can affect the narrative at certain points in the game – such as allowing enemies to live or deciding to kill them after a battle.

It’s a promising game that feels like you’re playing through an interactive Manga comic. The artwork is excellent and the QTE style battle system really adds to the gameplay, turning what would be a fairly passive experience into an active one that really draws you into the adventure. Manga evolved.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ever End Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)