Ever, Jane – Open Beta


Ever, Jane is a unique massively multiplayer online role playing game that draws inspiration from the works of Jane Austen set in a quaint village in Regency England, where you’ll gossip, get dressed up in fancy gowns and go to grand balls.

For better or for worse, Ever, Jane is an online role playing game unlike any other – you won’t be doing anything as uncouth as forming parties and going on raids (although there are tales of highwaymen on the roads), you’ll be behaving like a proper gentleman/lady, curtsying, chatting with others and going to dinner parties.

It’s not a particularly user friendly experience at the moment, but Ever, Jane has a very sociable atmosphere, and the setting seems to make players behave in a more gentrified fashion than your typical online social game. It’s an ambitious game, that definitely won’t appeal to all (if you’re looking for action, stay WELL clear), but if you love period dramas, flowing gowns, gossip and romance, it’s certainly worth checking out (just be warned it’s very early in development and still has a lot of rough edges, and keep an eye out for the synchronised sheep!!)

Note: To play you have to register an account on the website and download the client

Join in the Ever, Jane Open Beta Here