Evergrow – Alpha Demo

evergrow game

Evergrow is a beautiful, relaxing and surprisingly challenging puzzler in which you attempt to guide a paper rabbit who must spread life through each stylish isometric level without standing on the same tile twice.

In Evergrow you must select your starting tile on each level then control your little rabbit by selecting which direction you want it to run. Once your rabbit starts moving it won’t stop until it hits an obstruction (or the edge of the map) and it’s not possible to hop over tiles that you’ve already walked across. This means that each level requires a lot of forward planning – as you’ll need to plan your entire route before you even start the level so that you can pick the correct tile to place your bunny on.

Evergrow may look cute, but the high levels of forward planning and spacial awareness required for solving it’s puzzles can make for some very challenging gameplay, especially as new types of tiles are introduced. It’s quite addictive though, and it’s hard to get frustrated with it when everything about it is so adorable, from it’s isometric paper craft visuals to the motivational quotes that appear between levels. A great little bunny bouncing puzzler that will (ever)grow on you.

Check Out the Evergrow Greenlight Page Here

Download the Evergrow Beta Demo Here (Windows)