Everhood – Beta Demo

Everhood is a wonderfully weird and trippy musical RPG adventure where you have rhythmic dance battles with strange monsters and search for your missing arm.

You never know what to expect in Everhood, one minute you’re trying to get into a nightclub and the next you’re having a dance battle with an ATM machine. The story follows a wooden doll who has had its arm stolen by a sneaky little dwarf. On your adventure you’ll meet all manner of strange creatures, many of which you’ll face off against in some of the trippiest dance battles ever witnessed.

The dance battle gameplay is cleverly designed so that you can approach them in two different ways. If you’re adept at rhythm-action then you can use the jump button to jump over most attacks, but if you’re rhythmically challenged then you can strafe left and right to avoid them (so it’s more like bullet hell than rhythm-action). It’s most fun and effective to use a combination of the two (and you’ll need to for some of the tougher battles), but it leads to a more accessible take on rhythm action that works really well.

The demo build of Everhood takes around 45 minutes to play through and takes some very weird turns throughout, with some incredibly trippy dance battles towards the end. The pixel art animation is excellent (particularly during the dance battles) and the music is fantastic, with some very catchy tunes belonging to a wide variety of music genres. A magical musical adventure full of bizarre monsters and block-rocking beats. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Everhood Beta Demo Here (Steam)

5 thoughts on “Everhood – Beta Demo”

  1. Hey!

    A point of criticism: the game seems awfully riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Style-wise, it’s a slammer – and the soundtrack is to die for, but whenever a character speaks the writing’s just much too lackluster.

    If I were you,good developer, I’d work on improving that to polish the game to its finest! This is a fantastic project, with only its grammar holding it back.

  2. Loved this! Saw a gameplay video on youtube and must say, it looks incredibly promising. The Undertale-inspired art style combined with a simplistic yet fascinating combat system is to. die. for.

    Really, REALLY looking forward to the full release, and if it is anything like the demo, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

    Small sidenote; the grammar is lacklustre, and while it does hurt the emersion, it’s something you could easily tweak (If anything, hmu I’ll fix it for you ;P).

    Definitely going to purchase upon release.
    Thumbs up!

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