EverHunter – Alpha Demo

EverHunter game

EverHunter (previously named EverHunt) is a fun Spellunky-esque roguelike action platformer in which you take a fearless archer down through a series of randomly generated levels as he hunts enemies and battles big bosses in search of a mythical treasure.

The procedurally generated dungeon descending gameplay in EverHunter is similar to Spellunky, but offers some significant differences that make for a unique and addictive game. Your only weapons in the game are a bow and a little sword that you can use for melee attacks (best used for smashing crates). The sword is pretty feeble, but the bow is great fun to use, offering fast and precise shots in four directions (using the four arrow keys).

In each level of EverHunter you are given a mini-quest which requires you to kill a certain amount of a particular creature, which once completed will earn you ammo, XP and gold. This gold comes in particularly handy upon your death as you can go to the shop and use it to unlock new passive abilities and arrow types, such as Bomb Arrows and Vampirism. These skills really come in handy as the bosses that crop up every three levels are very tough and take some beating!

It’s a very addictive game, with fun, fast paced gameplay, great pixel art visuals and fun arrow flinging combat. A great little roguelike action platformer well worth checking out for some spellunking fun.

Note: We’d recommend taking a couple of minutes to play through the Tutorial before attacking the main game. Also, once you’ve unlocked new arrow types from the shop you can switch between them by pressing ‘Q’

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Download The EverHunter Alpha Demo Here (Windows)