Everspace 2 – Prototype Download

Everspace 2 combines RPG elements, loot, crafting and trading with fast paced space combat as you try to make your fortune in a hand-crafted open-world universe.

A sequel to 2017’s well received original by ROCKFISH Games, Everspace 2 is a single-player space exploration shooter with RPG elements. In the game you’ll explore deep space and planets as you mine, trade and shoot to earn a living.

The full game will feature a full single-player campaign where you’ll discover alien species, fight outlaw clans, earn new ships, make friends (and enemies), discover secrets and collect lots of epic loot. The prototype doesn’t feature any of the narrative elements, but it does feature a sizeable chunk of gameplay and impresses with its high quality visuals, satisfyingly agile spacecraft and interesting game world that’s full of stuff to discover. Strap in and take it for a spin!

Download the Everspace 2 Prototype Here (Steam)