Everyone’s Sky – Game Jam Build

Everyone’s Sky, an Asteroids-esque space shooter made for the JS13K competition, sees you roaming around space, taking calls from planets, making friends, making enemies and doing odd jobs.

In Everyone’s Sky you fly around space, shooting meteors to collect resources and contacting planets. Some planets are already enemies, while others are friends. You can choose to ignore messages or take them if you are curious to see what they want.

Some may want you to fight off pirates while others want you to explore new planets and find information for them. You can cause trouble with these planets reaching out to you, or you can do their bidding. At the side of your screen, you will see a peace meter. This meter will show how you are changing the galaxy around you.

It’s a simple, but fun game, with a great minimalist visual style and an interesting blend of space exploration and old school shoot ’em up gameplay. Once you die, you’ll even be shown how much of an impact you have made on the galaxy. Will you spread peace or war?

Play Everyone’s Sky Here (Browser)