Evil Mind – Alpha Demo

Evil Mind is a tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure where you gather materials to perform an occult ritual in a creepy old cabin in the woods.

There’s little in the way of narrative in Evil Mind yet, but the current build starts with you running through the woods into a creepy old abandoned house. There’s a nasy surprise awaiting for your upstairs, along with an occult pentagram drawn on the floor in blood. You now need to find the items required to complete the ritual, and running away really isn’t an option as it will loop you right back around to the house!

The flashlight really needs to be a bit more powerful, but Evil Mind already impresses with its freaky atmosphere, high quality visuals and excellent audio design. The eerie blue haze that illuminates the forest looks great and it’s also one of the few games to get the timing of lighting right (flash first and then the sound a few seconds later). It’ll be interesting to unravel more of the story as what little there is in the current build is very intriguing.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Evil Mind Alpha Demo Here (Windows)