Evolve Time – Student Project Game

Evolve Time is a charming and challenging puzzle platformer where you are a slime which can control the cute little animals it comes into contact with, then use their unique abilities to make your way through it’s cleverly designed levels.

In Evolve Time you control a little slime who has to make its way through 16 obstacle-filled levels. You don’t really have any useful abilities of your own, but you can take control of the local wildlife and use their unique skills to aid your quest. There five different animals to take control of, such as a little fire-breathing dragon, a web-slinging spider and a turtle that can push boxes and swim. You need to figure out which animals to use and when, without any of the dying in the process.

It’s a fun little puzzler with great pixel art animation and challenging puzzle design that makes great use of each animals’ unique skills. A cheerful and charming little creature-filled puzzler.

Important Tip – If you press ‘Shift’ while controlling an animal you will jump up a little as you escape (which is useful for reaching out of reach areas).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Evolve Time Here (Windows)