Ex-Zodiac – Kickstarter Demo

Ex-Zodiac is a love letter to the classic Star Fox games, which sees you hurtling through beautiful low poly worlds that are overrun by an intergalactic terrorist organization.

In Ex-Zodiac you jump into a Starwing-esque spaceship and blast your way through enemy-filled low poly landscapes. The game clearly draws most of its inspiration from Star Fox, but there are also elements of other on-rails shooters’ int here too, such as Space Harrier and Rez (particularly the way you can lock-on enemies).

The current build of Ex-Zodiac features two full levels, complete with big bosses to dispatch at the end. It’s a lot of fun and it does a great job of emulating the SNES’s Super FX powered low poly visual style (though thankfully there’s a lot less fog). The gameplay is fast paced and action packed, with lots of big enemies to dispatch and the bosses look fantastic. Also, you don’t have to spend half your time rescuing Slippy, which is nice!

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Download the Ex-Zodiac Alpha Demo Here (Steam)