Excubitor is a great new futuristic shoot-em-up/horde mode/tower defence hybrid that sees you in control of a space fighter fighting off wave after wave of enemies, intent on destroying your base.

It’s an interesting mix of genres and works really well.   In the first level your ship can boost around the map, meeting enemies head-on, strafing circles around them and blowing them out the sky, proving the old adage – attack is the best form of defence.  Once you complete the level or die, the resources you collected during the last level can be used to buy upgrades for your ship, the shop is quite bare at the moment, but we’d expect it to fill out as the game development progresses.

Once you progress past the first (rather tricky) level you’ll have the ability to build turrets and activate defences, adding a tower defence mechanic to the game.  This allows Excubitor to support different playstyles, allowing you to either upgrade your ship and take on the enemy head-on, or build more turrets at your base and bunker down.

Still in its early stages of development, Excubitor is already great fun, the ship handles well and it’s a satisfying feeling darting around the map, protecting your base from enemies.  You’ll be able to chart the game’s progress too as each week the devs will be posting a new build with new features and improvements based on your opinions.

Download the Alpha HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)