Excuse Me Sir – Beta Demo

Excuse Me Sir is a very freaky FMV horror game based on the freaky Molly Moonn TokTok videos, and sees you searching for your brother while Molly tries to lure you to your doom.

Currently in development by an unholy team up of Airdorf (creator of FAITH), Jesse Cox (Monster Prom), Torple Dook (Chip’s Tips), Molly Moonn (or TikTok fame) and Trevor Henderson (Siren Head), Excuse Me Sir is essentially an actual game version of Molly’s creepy TikTok vids. It’s an FMV point and click adventure with a TikTok video style aspect ratio, and it sees you attempting to find your missing brother. However, it seems that Molly has different ideas and she will try to lure you to your doom. There are multiple endings to discover based on your choices (including plenty of ways to die!)

It’s a very freaky little game that’s pretty much exactly what you’d want from a Molly Moonn experience. Molly’s as creepy as ever and there’s plenty of replay value, with lots of different routes to find to the three endings in the demo. Highly recommended.

Check Out An Excuse Me Sir Gameplay Video Here

Download The Excuse Me Sir Beta Demo Here (Windows)