.EXE – Alpha Demo


.EXE is a challenging rogue-lite action platformer in which you play a rogue emoticon who’s attempting to escape deletion after a recent software upgrade rendered him obsolete.

You take Moji the emoticon on a perilous journey through the insides of your computer, with an aim of escaping via a floppy disk to freedom before you’re deleted. Your path is littered with obstacles, hazards, deadly enemies, blue screens of death, bosses and hidden secrets, all rendered in a cool ASCII-esque art style. It’s a dangerous journey, but with a bit of luck, some platforming skill and a few handy power-ups you might just make it!

Obviously the ASCII-esque visual style is what makes .EXE stand out, but it backs this up with a fun and challenging action platforming and some clever little surprises. Certainly worth saving from deletion.

Download The .EXE Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)