Exhausted Man – Beta Demo

Exhausted Man is a sedate and silly physics-based QWOP-like where you control a man who is too exhausted to stand, and instead slides, flops and rolls along surfaces (including walls!)

Currently in development by Candleman Games (Creators of Yet Another Exhausting Day), in Exhausted Man your aim is to complete various objectives with your totally exhausted character. Your character is far too tired to stand, but you can make your way through the environment by using a mixture of sliding, rolling and wriggling. You can also grab objects and use them to complete various objectives.

The majority of the gameplay takes place in your little room and you earn new objects that you can decorate it with after completing each challenge. You can place the objects wherever you like, though it’s unlikely they’ll be in the same place by the end of each challenge as your awkward wriggling body has a tendency for knocking things over!

It would be nice if there was a mode without an exhaustion meter as running out of energy is frustrating and doesn’t really add much to the gameplay. Aside from that it’s a fun game though with a delightfully silly premise. Decorating the room adds a nice feeling of progression and it also allows for lore of carnage as you knock things over!

Download The Beta Demo Here (Steam)