Exhaustlands – Game Jam Build

Exhaustlands is a strange exploration adventure that sees you driving around a dying land, recruiting warriors, solving puzzles and earning enough faith to fight the invading fascist army.

In Exhaustlands you are a cartographer who is tasked with venturing out into the world and gathering enough faith to fight of the fascist army that’s about to invade your land. As you drive around the world you’ll discover strange landmarks, solve puzzles, go on side-quests, earn faith and recruit an assortment of warriors who will fight for your cause.

There’s lots to discover as you explore the dark and mysterious world of Exhaustlands and the character’s that you have in the car can affect how you interact with the world. Each character has their own unique skills that can come in handy in different points of interest in the game world. You can only carry two characters at a time in your car, but you can swap them out whenever you visit a motel or a service station.

Exploring the mysterious world of Exhaustlands is a very interesting experience, with lots of strange sights to see and secrets to discover. At first when you drive off into the darkness it feels very claustrophobic and easy to get lost, but as you explore the network of highways, roads and dirt tracks starts to make sense and you learn your way around. The minimalist artwork is excellent and it’s got a great sense of atmosphere, with a real feeling of doom hanging over the world throughout. A magical mystery road trip well worth embarking on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Exhaustlands Here (Windows & Mac)