Exiles – Beta Download

Exiles is a creepy first person survival horror adventure that plays like the original Resident Evil games, but in first person.

In Exiles you find yourself in a strange facility that’s connected to a creepy mansion and is populated by undead monsters. To escape you’ll have to search for useful objects, solve puzzles and blast zombies.

The current Beta build of Exiles features around 20 minutes of gameplay and only a very limited amount of combat, but it’s off to a promising start. The gloomy visuals help build a great sense of atmosphere and the game world feels fondly reminiscent of Resident Evil (particularly once you get into the mansion).

It could do with a few more zombies to heighten the sense of peril, but the creepy facility/mansion of Exiles is an intriguing place to explore. It’ll be interesting to discover what dark secrets it holds in future builds.

Download the Exiles Beta Here (Windows)