ExIT – Student Project Game Download

ExIT is an inventive, thought provoking, creepy and surprisingly philosophical first person point and click adventure in which you play a programmer who is trapped within her own virtual simulation with an AI that is dangerously infatuated with her.

In ExIT you take on the role of a programmer who has ventured into a virtual simulation that she’s working on to try and squash any remaining bugs before she releases it. However, the whole program is overseen by a HAL 3000-esque AI program that has unfortunately become infatuated with you and refuses to let you leave. To escape you’ll need to solve puzzles and switch between different virtual dimensions, all while the AI is trying to chat you up, harass you and impede your progress.

The puzzle design is exceptional in ExIT, requiring you to think outside of the box as you try and bend the coding of it’s virtual world to breaking point. It’s perhaps the writing that the star of the show though, with a narrative that takes you through a whole gambit of emotions as you make your way through the game – starting with laughing off the AI’s cheesy puns and inappropriate flirting, feeling fear and repulsion as the AI starts to become more abusive and then feelings of guilt and remorse towards the end.

It’s a very impressive game that really sticks with you after completion as it throws up lots of interesting philosophical questions about AI. Much like 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s HAL, your AI is self aware, but instead of acting out of self preservation, it’s acting out of (badly misplaced) feelings of love. What it does is certainly wrong, with its childish attempts at manipulation and emotional abuse, but you programmed it to be that way so who’s ultimately at fault? Highly recommended.

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Download ExIT Here (Windows & Mac)