EXO ONE – Alpha Demo

EXO ONE is a beautiful Arthur C. Clarke-esque Sci-Fi exploration adventure where you pilot a strange gravity-manipulating alien craft as you follow mankind’s first mission outside or their own solar system.

In EXO ONE you take control of an experimental planetary probe which mankind built via the plans they received from an extraterrestrial signal after a disaster caused the loss of a team of astronauts on a mission to Jupiter. The probe allows mankind to explore outside their own solar system and can roll, jump and glide around planets’ surfaces at very high speeds.

The EXO ONE Alpha demo allows you to explore the planet Sagan IV, a beautiful place with some breathtaking scenery. The probe is spherical and uses gravity manipulation and a Tiny Wings-esque control system to gather speed as it hurtles across the planet.

To gather speed you press a button to instantly dramatically increase your density, making you accelerate quickly as you roll down hills. As you start to head uphill again you then release the button to return to your original density, often hurling you high into the air when you reach the apex of the hill. You can also double jump and glide, and you can even collect upgrades that allow you to reach higher speeds.

The gravity manipulating control scheme works really well and makes for a very unique experience as you try to figure out the best routes to take through the landscape. The beautiful visuals and atmospheric audio really make you feel like you’re rolling across an alien planet too. You feel like you’re the first person to see this strange new world and who knows what mysteries are out there to discover…

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The EXO ONE Alpha Demo Here (Steam)