ExoCorps – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 1000 Steam Beta keys to give away for ExoCorps – a very cool looking multiplayer deathmatch game where players pilot jet-propelled exosuits in vast open landscapes.

Forget close quarters combat, ExoCorps is all about ranged combat over vast distances and has more incommon with Top Gun than Call of Duty. In the game you jump into a powerful space suit that’s like a more beefy version of the Iron Man suit. It’s jet-propelled and is equipped with some serious weaponry – which you’ll need to dispatch your opponents.

ExoCorps features three game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag) and four massive arenas (set on Earth, the Moon and Mars). Combat is fast paced and more akin to aerial dogfighting than a traditional FPS, with you jetting around the environments, using the landscape to your advantage and avoiding detection by managing your heat levels.

It’s a fantastic looking game that should deliver a very unique twist on the traditional FPS, with a real sense of scale, stunning scenery and tactical hide-and-seek battles. ExoCorps launches on Steam on the 9th of October, but the Beta is live now and will run until the 28th of September (when the keys will be revoked) – to claim your key just carry out any two of the options in the giveaway widget below and your key will appear instantly.

Check Out ExoCorps on Steam Here

ExoCorps – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway