Exodemon – Alpha Download


Exodemon draws inspiration from Doom, Quake and Hexen to create a super stylish old school sci-fi first person shooter full of fast paced run and gun action.

Exodemon combines 2D sprite based enemies with a 3D gameworld to create a game that feels authentically retro, but still allows for more complex modern day game design. In the game you control a scientist who has been infected by a demonic force, who then claws and blasts his way through populated with deadly enemies and big bosses.

Much like the games it’s inspired by, you’ll need skill and quick reflexes to survive in Exodemon, and it’s always worth searching the levels for hidden weaponry that might be useful. Being a possessed by a demon is remarkable good fun, as not only do you pick up some powerful weaponry, but your claw slash attack is very handy too – especially for smashing/operating equipment!

We look forward to seeing more of Exodemon, much like STRAFE, it looks to be hitting the perfect balance between retro gameplay and modern game design. Devilishly good fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Exodemon Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)