Exogenesis is a point-and-click visual novel adventure game inspired by Ace Attorney and Zero Escape games. The story follows Yu Sayashi, a former wasteland “treasure hunter” on a quest to revive his dead sister.

Fitting with the visual novel style, most of the screens in Exogenesis are static, showing of some beautiful anime-style artwork.  As you progress through the game, each section is a self contained puzzle, requiring finding and combining items scattered around the area then working out solutions.  These solutions are logical and well thought out, yet the game may benefit from a short tutorial or hint system as it can be unclear what you’re supposed to be doing at times.

If you enjoy visual novel style adventure games it’s worth checking out Exogenesis.  With it’s beautiful artwork and engaging story, Exogenesis is shaping up to be a great addition to the visual novel adventure game genre.

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UPDATE: This Alpha is No Longer Available