Exorcist: Cup of Tea – Chapter One – Beta Download

Exorcist: Cup of Tea is a bizarre and beautifully animated horror point and click adventure with action elements, where an exorcist searched for his sister in a haunted woodland.

In Exorcist: Cup of Tea your sister has gone missing in a woodland near a school where locals had been making complaints about the behaviour of a teacher. You now need to explore the woodland and make your way to the school as you attempt to find out what’s happened to your sister. However, the woods are filled with freaky monsters – if you see any you’d better run fast!

The gameplay in Exorcist: Cup of Tea is a blend of basic point and click adventuring and monster evading horror. At the moment it does have some serious issues – the translation is pretty rough and the monster evading sections are very repetitive. It could do with shaking up the monster evading gameplay a little – perhaps with the sort of the foreground/background action sequences that Lasagna Boy uses.

The animation is excellent though, the plot is intriguing (if a little confusing) and it’s got some very intense moments. A rough, but entertaining horror adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out An Exorcist: Cup of Tea Gameplay Video Here

Download The Exorcist: Cup of Tea Beta Here (Windows)