Exotic Matter – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Exotic Matter is a fun new voxel based open world roleplaying game in which you find yourself shipwrecked on an alien planet and must uncover the technology of an ancient alien civilization as you attempt to make your way back to Earth.

In Exotic Matter you wake up in the crash site of your spaceship, stranded on an alien planet lightyears from home. The fully simulated planet features fully destructible terrain which you can mine for resources and also dig deep into, discovering randomly generated underground facilities that can contain ancient artefacts left behind by an alien civilization – that can aid your survival and your eventual escape from the planet.

Exotic Matter features an intriguing Sci-Fi narrative and a promise that no two missions will play out the same as you explore the procedurally generated facilities/dungeons. As you progress you’ll be able to craft useful items and build bases that utilize sophisticated in-game technology – such as pressure sensitive blocks and computer systems. It even features a fully moddable engine that allows you to create custom worlds and share them with the community.

It’s a promising game that plays a little like Minecraft, but with Sci-Fi and roguelike elements, as well as a strong Sci-Fi narrative to pull you through it. We have 50 Steam Beta Keys to give away for Exotic Matter! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 16th of March.

You Can Follow The Development of Exotic Matter Here

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Exotic Matter Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!